Elise Pink Glitter N Glamour

💎Lavish Glam Lipgloss & Black Liquid Eyeliner



💎 Live your glamorous life out loud. Wear, smell and taste the sweet sugar and glitter lip gloss called Lavish.
💎 Drench your lips in smooth moisturizing lip gloss. You enjoy Vegan, Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E in this Lavish Glam Lipgloss.
💎Marry Your Lashes Glue Pen gets you ready in 1-2-3 and go !
💎Shake this pen for 10 seconds. Glide it smooth onto your eyelid. Then let this liquid eyeliner dry. Wear as a deep black eyeliner . That's it !
💎Do more than just look at the photos. You feel the glamour for yourself each time that you wear it ! Try this Glam bundle today.

* Includes 1 Glitter Lipgloss + 1 Eyeliner Pen.