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🦄 Glitter-n-Glamour Academy Online Makeup Course 🦄 Welcome to the Glitter-n-Glamour Academy Online. I will teach you basic to advanced makeup looks. Feel comfortable to take your time to practice, until you feel that you have mastered your makeup skills. This entire account and class remains private, to help encourage your growth. This is a positive learning environment. Please feel comfortable to ask questions. Each lesson is taught for at least 1hr to 1.5 hr for in-depth, step-by-step guidance.  The following information helps you know what to expect. Welcome to your glamorous journey to learn advanced makeup artistry skills 👏🏽🎉🥰

💎 Nude eyeshadow colors and nude lipstick,for a natural look, to wear at any occasion.

💎 Introduction to cut crease eyeshadow look. 

💎 Introduction to wear glitter eyeshadow. 

💎 Introduction to wear pearl eyeshadow, to wear trending makeup style. 

💎Each tool and technique is explained. The best and easiest way to apply the makeup colors, are specifically explained. 

💎You learn what type of makeup brushes are the best to use, why, and how. 

💎You learn what makeup products are the best to use, why, and how. 

💎You learn what techniques to do, to help your makeup look like professional makeup artist. 

💎Learning these new makeup skills, helps you look good in person with confidence. 

💎Learning these new makeup skills, helps you look good on social media (IG,FB,TikTok,SC, Pinterest) with confidence. 

💎You gain the high self-confidence that you need, to slay your makeup the way that you want to look.

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