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The Non-Use of Animal-Derived Ingredients in our Products

We hereby confirm that the color additives we sell have not been the subject of animal testing for cosmetic purposes by or on behalf of this company since 03/01/2018. We regularly contact our suppliers and ask for updated Animal Non-Testing Declarations in order to keep this statement current.

Certified organic (FD&C and D&C) dyes and pigments, non-certified organics and inorganic mineral colorants are made by chemical syntheses and are not manufactured with or derived from animal derived ingredients. 

Fillers, such as talc, mica, kaolin, etc., are derived solely from mineral ores, likewise without the use of animal ingredients.

Mink lashes are hand-made with synthetic fibers, which imitate the naturally silk soft hair on the mink animal. All available mink lash styles do imitate the real mink animal hair. The synthetic fibers are made from thread and silk material. The more silk material used during the creation and manufacturing process, the better the false strip lashes imitate the mink animal hair. 

Animal testing is not conducted on these materials. Animal testing is not conducted on any of our cosmetics and color cosmetics products. 

As the ingredients have been safely sold for over 50 years in the coloring of foods, drugs and cosmetics, additional testing on animals or otherwise is not required.  

Lady Elise Beauty, LLC has not commissioned or performed any animal testing to evaluate product safety on any of these colorant products, ever.

ElisePink.com cruelty free no animal cruelty FDA Approved FDA Compliant



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