Elise Pink

Elise Pink Story

Hi, Nice to meet You. I am Elise, the Owner of this glamorous creation!

I got bored with using makeup that looked the same.

I love expressing my style by decorating almost everything with rhinestones.

I love to create hand-made makeup and make it with the recipe Glitter N Glamour. Everything is hand-crafted and made with Love in the USA. 

Experience the touch, the feel, the excitement of your favorite makeup decorated with rhinestones ! 

Express Your Luxurious Style

 Live Out Loud Your Glitter & Glamour Style ! 

First Love 

As a teenager, I would sneak into my momma's bathroom to play with her colorful mascara's. These mascara’s were included into a large flat square makeup case. Each wand had a silver top. The tube was the color black. Inside the mascara tubes was the most fun part to experience. The mascara colors were navy blue, dark green, pink, brown, dark purple, and black. These mascara’s were always my favorite, because I liked the variety of colors. Each color was exciting to put on my eyelashes.  

When I was 12 years old, I started sneaking into my momma's bathroom to look through her makeup collection. I wanted to explore. I wanted to see what makeup stuff would catch my attention. I was interested to see if the liquid foundation would cover my acne pimples and my acne scars. I wanted to look more pretty. I definitely wanted to look as if those acne skin issues did not exist on my oily face. I put the liquid foundation into my book bag. I did this in the morning, before leaving the house, to get on the school bus. 

When I was 16 years old, it was the very first time that I saw a makeup magazine of any kind. I walked into my grandmothers’ apartment building. As I was walking in the hallway, laying on the floor was the very thing that would motivate me to give in to my deep desire to wear makeup. The Mary Kay catalog was lying face up on the tile hallway floor. Obviously, I picked up this catalog. I finished walking down the rest of the hallway and into my grandmothers’ apartment. After talking to my grand-mother, I decided to look through each page carefully. This catalog was my new found little treasure. Finally, I turned to the back cover of this catalog. It was then that I saw the eye shape illustration. I noticed that there were corresponding numbers to the eyeshadow colors, listed on the page. 

My grandma and my mother did not teach me how to apply makeup onto myself. This led me to learn about eyeshadow application, by studying the position of each color on the eye illustration. I kept that Mary Kay catalog to refer to, every time I decided to sneak into my mommas’ eyeshadow palette. On the weekends, I would be in the house and put on eyeshadow. On weekdays, I was still attending high school. To school, I would wear very little liquid foundation. I would always get it from my momma’s makeup collection. She literally had a plastic bag filled with all kinds of makeup. When going to high school, all I wore on my face was the liquid foundation. I had a natural makeup look.  After I graduated high school, I continued my journey of exploration with different makeup brands and all types of makeup products. I love to create on most days, a full face of beauty. I do have days when I just want to have a simple, basic look. I reserve Sunday for my skincare ritual. This is the only day, when I am not blending colors onto my face canvas. 

Beauty Research

I am a Beauty Enthusiast and former Makeup Blogger who became a Beauty Entrepreneur. I wanted to create skincare products that include ingredients beneficial for oily skin. I have oily skin and used different brands of facial masks. Those brands of facial masks helped get rid of the white-heads and the black-heads from my pores. But, those masks always left my face and neck dessert dry, itchy and irritated. I decided that my precious pores did not have to tolerate this terrible experience any more. My other skin care challenge was that I bought facial creams that were not formulated for oily skin, even though the product label read “For Oily Skin.” Those face creams left a heavy thick, and white-ish film on my face. It did not matter how many times I tried to rub the cream into my skin. 

I began to create my vision, and research how to create a sensitive skin care formula with much better ingredients. I wanted to use skincare and makeup, in relation to my belief in living a healthy life-style to eat vegan recipes and exercising to take care of my body. I wanted this same enthusiasm that I have for my physical body, to be shown in the ingredients and in the formula for this skincare and makeup. 

I am obsessed with deep cleaning my pores, to prevent black-heads and prevent white-heads from forming. I strongly believe that my skin is my cleanest canvas and must remain healthy, before applying makeup. The Equa-Derm Clay Mask was created for the oily skin that I know about very well. To compliment this clay mask is the Sunflower Face Exfoliation. I needed a facial scrub that does not irritate my sensitive oily skin. The previous brands’ face scrubs stripped the natural oils from my skin. This terrible experience happened each time that I applied the mud masks. Having clean pores gave a huge boost in my self-esteem and self-confidence. 

The lip exfoliation products that I used in previous years, failed for two reasons. (1) The quality of ingredients was poor. I would have a layer of wax on my lips. The dead skin was not removed from my lips. The more lip scrub that I applied and rubbed in circles, only made matters worse. The dead skin was never removed from my lips. This was terrible, because I needed a  moisturizing lipstick to apply smoothly. (2) But, my lipstick would not look the best. It did not matter how pretty or nude the color was. The cheap quality lip scrub caused the dead skin to be seen through my lipstick. Then, throughout the day, the lipstick would sit on top of the dead skin and make a weird smile line on my lips. I need to create a lip scrub that has genuine sugar crystals, and gives great results. Gentle, soft crystals that get the dead skin off and leave your lips softer and better. 

Glitter-N-Glamour Obsession 

I used to wonder: "Is there a lash glue that is easy to use, and makes me feel glamorous?" "Is there a makeup item that really matches to my personality?" "Can I find mink lashes that make me look gorgeous and has a fancy box?" I seriously needed lashes and eyeshadow that matched to my personal expression of style. 

Because I do makeup Livestreams on social media, I was encouraged by the connection with my Beauty Tribe- followers and subscribers. I became encouraged by the conversations and listening to my customers' feedback and opinions. This connection with my social media followers, helped me not to feel alone, on this journey. 

I talk to my Beauty Tribe on social media, by responding to the comments. Also, I answer questions on the Livestreams. During the Livestreams, there were women, expressing the same boredom as myself. And, they wanted to experience something more glamorous. These women wanted an easier to use lash glue. I realized that I was not the only woman feeling this way. 

I got tired of feeling bored. I noticed that other makeup brands use the same color story with makeup palettes, and use boring product  designs. I began to experiment with the rhinestone decorations. I already had these arts and crafts in my house. I thought to myself: "What if I add rhinestones to my makeup palettes, lash boxes and lash glue ?" 

I needed lash glue that truly goes on invisible. And, it has to dry invisible. I wanted to get rid of the chunky white lash glue. Eww ! Looks and feels disgusting. 

I love to decorate things with rhinestones. In the past, I decorated my tables, books, and makeup vanity with rhinestones. Rhinestone decoration helps to express my individual style. I realized that my Beauty Tribe on social media shares the same design style. My followers wanted something to help them express their fancy individual style with wearing makeup and mink lashes. Rhinestones bring life to your style! Rhinestones upgrade you from boring to glamorous ! 

I became obsessed with trying to find lash glue packaging that would make me feel and express fancy style. Finally, I decided to create the "Marry Your Lashes Glue (Clear)". 

I wanted to have a luxurious experience with using makeup palettes, mink lashes and lash glue. I wanted to feel like, look like and express luxury. I wanted something to help me express my luxurious style. Everyday, I wear mink lashes. I needed great quality lash glue with a fancy design. 

My obsessions, passions, experiences and knowledge led my career to the creation of this Glitter-n-Glamour beauty brand. Today, I share knowledge, trends, and great formula’s with the Beauty Community. The Lady Elise Beauty brand provides skincare and makeup to meet your beauty needs. 

In April 2018, officially The Lady Elise Beauty brand was born. 

Glam Mission

You get the makeup and lashes to help you express your Glamorous Lifestyle. 

Glam Makeup 

Our products bring together the finest materials and stunning design to create something very special. We believe in quality, care, and creating unique products that you can enjoy. Glitter. Glamourous. Luxurious. Inspired by what we want to experience and feel everyday, each product represents what we love about the world we live in. We hope this glamor eyeshadow and glamor mink lashes, inspires you to have a luxury experience, again and again !