Elise Pink Glitter N Glamour

💎Glitter Glue



💎 Avoid messy glitter with your makeup look. Avoid glitter fallout on your face.
💎 This clear gel is a thin, light-weight, formula. This thin gel dries fast and holds on tight to your glitter makeup, rhinestones and pearls.
💎 The glitter, rhinestones or pearl makeup look stays in place all day long. Through hail, rain, snow or wind, this helps your glitter eyeshadow to look vivid and stay semi-permanent. The same applies for your rhinestone or pearl makeup looks.

Apply to the eyelid, face, lips, or skin. Gently squeeze a little from the tube. A little goes a long way. Our products are cruelty free, not made from animal parts, and not tested on animals.