Elise Pink

Glamorous Lash Life Book



Glamorous Lash Life Book gives you convenience to change your look easily.
Quickly change your makeup look and your style as many times as you want.
Everything you need is here for you. And you save by getting 3 pairs of lashes in a bundle.

"Mesmerize" gives you a classic natural look.
"Luxury" gives you a full lush look.
"Fantasy" gives you an exotic, curly, and fluffy look.

All these mink lashes make your eyes look oooohh, so yummy !
Plus, your lash book keeps your lashes dust free.
The shiny rhinestones matches your glam style, and makes it easy to find your lashes.

All Are included:
3 Mink Lashes + Mirror + Clear lash glue pen + Steel lash applicator (tweezers) + Lash case