Elise Pink

Glitter Eyz Eyeshadow Palette



Glitter Eyz Eyeshadow Palette includes 10 deeply pigmented matte and glitter shades.
The 5 matte shades feels velvet smooth and has no fall out.
These matte shades can give you a natural sultry look or a bold and dramatic look.
These mattes shades can be worn to compliment your personal glam style.
These matte shades can be worn alone. Or, apply glitter to compliment your look for the day or evening. No eyeshadow base/primer is needed. These 5 matte shades work the glam carpet on their own !
The 5 glitter shades go on softly. Can be added to your eyelids and lips for that super glamourous shine !
Girl, kill 'em every time you slay that glitter cut-crease !
Girl kill'em when you slay your goddess look for the day !
Girl you look drop dead gorgeous !

This eyeshadow palette is hand decorated with the shiny rhinestones.
You feel the luxurious experience ! These rhinestones light up your life with a sparkle of glamor!